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Despite how things seem, it’s really hard to get back into the groove of blog-writing after you’ve taken a little break because your life sucks and you can’t stop focusing on the negative so anything you’d write would be miserable wailing in printed form. I use the word “you” loosely, because obviously, I’m really referring to me and my serious lack of motivation. However, I found a moment of clarity when I woke up and realized that my life doesn’t suck, it’s just super busy and I got myself into all these activities, drama, etc. That being said, if anyone is to blame – it’s me. Thankfully for your sake, in this moment of clarity, I had the sense to break up what I am doing into categories and groups then talk about each one individually. I came up with a list which to refer to when I have a writer’s block. Here is the first one!



The past 3 weeks I have been teaching Zumba classes at the Public Safety Building. I get up at 5am and class is at 6am-7am. I am so proud of my students! I have 6 women who have been coming to classes but usually only 4 or 5 of them at a time. They are clever women and it hasn’t taken them long to pick up the dance moves. When my mind blanks out and I forget the next move, I look to my front row! They remember it and then we have a good laugh at my Monday-brain.

Okay! On to the important bit!

Thinking back to my certification class. I was so nervous about going, who would be there, if I’d be the only one who didn’t know very much about Zumba, if I would look dumb, if I could last through a whole day of sweaty Zumba fun. . . you know, the usual. I searched for blog posts that could tell me what I really wanted to know, to put my fears to rest… I found 2. Although they were helpful, they didn’t give me the peace of mind I thought I would have after reading them. I still had questions. I am a nursing mom, and my baby was only 7 months old at the time of the certification class. I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough breaks or long enough breaks to stop and nurse him. My sister, Ann, was able to fly with me to Anchorage to watch my little guy while I went to the all day certification class. I thought she might have to bring him to the fitness center or come and het me in the case of emergency and worried that they might not let her in if she didn’t have a pass.

Well, I just want to say, I had nothing to worry about. I took notes as far as scheduling and what we did when, but after it was all over I was left with the impression that every Zumba teacher is different and has their own style and that is what makes it special. I doubt very much that my notes will help you when you take your own certification class even if you had the same instructor. All that aside, I will share with you what we did.

I arrived at Anytime Fitness in Anchorage, about 8 o’clock in the morning. Check-in time was about a half hour, plus a few minutes to allow for stragglers. Only 2 people didn’t show up, but it was okay because it was a FULL house anyway. The Zumba instructor from Anytime Fitness was there and some of her students had signed up to get certified so they could substitute for her. One lady had been going to Zumba for 8 years! I started to feel a little awkward because it had only been 3 months for me, but once the music started it was all good. Our instructor started us out by informing us that all we had to do to make it to certification was survive. I was pretty sure I could do that.

For the next hour and 15 minutes we had fun! It was just like a regular class, we followed her – did what she did. I don’t remember all the songs, but I remember 2 of them. “Hula Hoop” and “Loco”. After that, we had our first break. A quick 15 minutes to change clothes, get a water refill and/or eat a snack, then it was down to business with our first lecture.

10:00am – Lecture was 55 minutes. Our instructor shared about Zumba, how it got started, etc. Some of the ladies had their Instructor Training Manual downloaded to their phone, and others didn’t have it at all. It turned out ok, they didn’t get kicked out for not having it. Even though I came prepared with pen and paper I felt like I could have made it through the class without taking any notes at all. There was no written test with essay questions at the end (of the day) to answer, it was all practical. For example, which move is Merengue? Do it.

5 minute break – then on to our first practical – “The Warm-Up”. We did the warm up songs from her routine. It was fun! So fun that I can’t remember if she actually had an 18 minute warm-up section or if we actually did it twice! After this we had another 15 minute break.

11:30am we started up again, but this time it was for us to practice a warm-up routine as a leader. A whole row of us came to the front and each lady got a chance to do a warm-up move of our choice, for about 10 – 15 seconds during the same warm-up song we had followed her through. A couple ladies got off rhythm with the move they chose but quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work for that beat and modified it to fit. We continued practicing until 12:05 then we had another break for lunch.

Lunch from 12:05pm – 1:30pm – I left the building to run back to the hotel to nurse the baby. Then ran back. I barely ate anything all day because my stomach was tight from being nervous. I figured it was okay, I had enough extra to bolster myself through the rest of the day if my body really needed it. I made sure to drink lots of water, I knew that would be very important. The baby was happy and Ann had things under the control. Whew! Thank God for Ann!

1:30pm – 2:00pm We practiced Merengue. We learned the basic march and then the various moves. Also, the 7-count arm movement that threw everyone off. Have fun with that!! =P

*Short break*

2:10pm – 2:45pm We practiced Salsa. We learned the various moves and their names. Salsa is the sexy dance so we also learned to encourage our students to let go and enjoy the music.

*Short break*

2:50pm – 3:10pm We practiced Cumbia. We learned the various moves and to differentiate – strong for men – flirtatious for women students.

*Short break*

3:20pm – 3:40pm We practiced Reggaetón. We learned the various moves for reggaetón. The moves seem familiar to many people and they are easy with a lot of stomping or a strong-arm movement, but they are also similar to salsa, the difference being the hip or arm movements.

*Short break*

3:50pm – 4:13pm Lecture. This was the lecture about business protocol. Getting a CPR certification, liability insurance, and how to legally use Zumba’s name or music. They highly suggest becoming part of the ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) family. I thought maybe I could just wing this part and not have to sign up for this monthly service, but they have it so intertwined (you won’t be listed on the Zumba website as an instructor if you don’t become a ZIN, so people can’t find your class if they are looking for it, and you have to come up with your own choreography and music {besides the 10 songs they give you at the certification class} with separate licenses as well) that it is almost necessary to sign up right away so you can begin practicing for your first class without any hitches. You sign a contract that that says you will be a part of this network for a 6-month period, after which you can quit at any time. I felt like it was a good investment, and that 6 months was a good trial period during which I would find out if I really used the service as much as I thought I would and if I would still need it later. (**more about this later)

*Short break*

4:43pm – 5:00pm TEST. This was the fun part. This was all practical. First she had us split up into groups to help us see the difference between using hand motions or talking someone else through the dance moves. Hand signals are definitely easier for the instructor and they can cross language barriers. She had us listen to “Loco” and each group choreographed a section of the song. We all got to perform our parts at the end of time allowed. She was proud of us because all of us had choreographed the song as a cumbia and that’s what it was. For the last part of the test, she put signs up on each of the 4 walls. Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaetón, and Merengue. We listened to music clips and when we figured out which style of music it was we were to turn and face the wall with the correct sign and dance moves for that style. She would pick out one of us, probably the first one of us to get it right, and bring us to the front so everyone could follow our move that we chose. I enjoyed this test, but not everyone did. A fellow student began to cry when she was brought to the front. It was awkward, but our instructor did not let her give up, she encouraged her and together they did the “Beto Shuffle”. I was so proud of my instructor and I hoped that someday I can be encouraging like that for others.

Good news! We all survived! Even the lady who was off beat with every song. Haha!

**I joined the ZIN family that day and I have really been enjoying it. I get songs every month to which I can create my own choreography or just listen to for fun – my choice! Every other month I get the new workout routine with music. The problems that I have are mostly with the website. My village is in bush Alaska with limited internet data and it’s hard to download the songs and videos and I can’t just login and watch Zumba videos whenever I want. Also, because my village is remote, the Zumba website won’t let me post classes on their website because it says that the address doesn’t exist in google maps. This is super annoying and I have half a mind to call them about it, but again, since our village is so small, I can just post a handmade flyer for Zumba at the grocery store and everyone in town knows about it. Also, the personal website creator is so data heavy that it won’t load at all for me so I haven’t been able to access it. I am hoping that when I get to a place that has better internet that I will be able to personalize the website I’ve been paying for all this time. I am sure you won’t have the same problems. . . unless you live somewhere remote like I do.

Here is another perk that I haven’t been able to use. I got an email with a code in it for 20% off certification class price that I can offer to one of my “front row” students so they might be able to substitute for me in case of one of those sick/off days. I haven’t used it because we just made the decision to move back to Washington and that means that I will be ending classes this week so I can clean and pack. This coupon code expires on August 30th, 2017 and I really hate for it to go to waste. It can only be used once. So if you are interested then reply to this post and let me know. I’d be happy to hook you up!

Thanks for reading! Good luck at your training!!


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