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It’s mid October and we have had to use our A/C until 2 days ago! It’s about time for some fall weather, now that I have given up coffee.

Yes, you heard right. I’ve given it up… forever. I just woke up one morning and my mind said, “I don’t want to drink it (coffee) ever again.” so I quit. Okay, it’s only been 7 days BUT I’m sticking with it. I had a sip of decaf yesterday thinking that I should since it is a cold weather drink, and even though the taste was disgusting after not having it for 6 days, I was going to force it down anyway. Under the advice of a friend I pitched the whole cup into the trash, then went for a cup of hot apple cider. YUM!

So, now that I won’t have coffee and the days are shorter and colder, it only seems fitting that I should have some kind of hot drink. My first thought was apple cider. The hot cocoa in this house is designated for children, unless of course it is WHITE CHOCOLATE, then by all means, make me a cup!! *sigh* …

Enough dreaming, back to apple cider. I love apple cider! It has such a crisp sweet and spicy taste. I have been looking forward to enjoying a cup while nestled on the couch with a cozy afghan near our woodstove, all the while the wind is howling and rain is pattering on the roof. That, again, is how I imagine my fall days. Bad news. We’re out of apple cider! (insert brief moment of panic)  I can’t let a little thing like that crush my cozy dream. I have to get inventive!

BEHOLD! Russian Tea! (Some people call it Spiced Tea. It’s probably the same thing?) The flavor is predominately orange, but it has lovely lemony and sweet tones, with just enough cinnamon and spice to make it REAL NICE. Highly enjoyable on cold weather days. Here is the recipe I had on hand.

♥Russian Tea (Spiced Tea)♥
• 2/3 Cup Instant Tea, Unflavored
• 1 1/2 Cup granulated Sugar
• 1 (14 oz.) Tang
2 pkg. lemonade mix, sweetened
1 tsp. ground Cloves
• 1 tsp. ground Cinnamon
Mix, store in air-tight container. Use 2 teaspoons mix for each cup of tea.

I used this recipe and it tasted good but it wasn’t quite right. Here is how I modified it!

♣”REAL” Russian Tea (Spiced Tea)♣
• 2 – 20oz Tang (Or 1 – 4lb. 8oz. jar Tang)
• 1 – 19oz. Lemonade mix
• 2 1/2 Cups granulated Sugar
Double everything else. Add Red Hots! (I added 4 – 6oz. packages. I love cinnamon! You can add whatever amount you want or leave them out. It’s optional!) I replaced the regular instant tea with lemon flavored decaf instant tea. Then I can drink it in the evening and share some with the kids! They love it too!
I hope you enjoy it too!

This is the finished mix…


I used the left over Tang container to keep it fresh.

Like my labeling? hehe


And the reward…


This cup has a few extra red hots… mmmm-hmmmm!


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