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Blogger Bridge

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now. I just haven’t actually done it. I kept telling myself I couldn’t because, “I don’t know how”.. or, “it’s probably really hard”…. or, my favorite of them all, “I don’t have a clever name!”  Today I tackled it with ease and crossed that special “Blogger Bridge”. The “CLEVER NAME EXCUSE”, that kept me back like a knight gaurding the river crossing exists no longer. I’ve done battle, gone across, and am headed in the right direction. I hope…

Conceived Felicity

Conceived 2. Form a device (plan or idea) in the mind

  • form a mental representation of; imagine
  • literary become affected by (a feeling)

Felicity 1. Intense happiness: domestic fecility

2. The ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts

  • [Count noun] a particularly effective feature of a work of literature or art

I have decided to use the second meaning for both words, noted by the 2.

To become affected by appropriate expression of one’s thoughts.

And now that I have begun my Blogger Journey, my emotions would best be described by using the first meaning of Felicity as well. Yay for me! It’s time to celebrate by doing a quick handstand onto the couch. Cheers to all!


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